Privacy Policy

HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. takes your personal information very importantly and observes the Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection. informs through the personal information protection policy on how the user’s personal information is used and for what purpose and what actions the company takes to protect the users’ personal information.
After reading the personal information protection policy of the “Company” please understand how your personal information is used while using the service provided by the “Company.” The “Company’s” personal information protection policy can change by the guideline of the government law and through “Company’s” policy change. While using the service of HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc., please visit the Web site frequently and confirm the changes.

The order of this Personal Information Protection Policy is as the following.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. “uses the personal information to confirm users, statistical analysis of payment of fee and product shipping as marketing data to provide the best service.”
The detail purpose for collecting and using the collected personal information is as follows.

Name, User ID, Password.
- To confirm the user himself/herself to use their real name when posting their personal thoughts to the news service provided by media and for other services that require the user in person

E-mail address, telephone number, address:
- To secure a communication path to provide notices regarding change in service and other information that the users must know and to receive complaints.
- To send newsletters of each service, event and high quality product information and new services under the approval of the user.
- To send presents to event prize winner and best users.
- To secure accurate address to send bill and accurate shipping of products.

Bank account and credit card information:
- Payment for charged information and product purchase.

Other selected items:
- Information to provide personalized service for individuals and groups.
- To provide information (advertisement included) that the user prefers by understanding the preference of the user: posts advertisements to provide free services. To provide adequate advertisements, the “Company” plays the intermediate role. The advertiser informs the “Company” in which consumer they are targeting. (ex: male over 35 years old). “Company” receives this advertisement and views it to the adequate users. In this process, the advertisers cannot view the users’ personal information. Only the “Company” can access to the users’ personal information. This kind of advertisement is not limited to banner but also to the advertisement e-mails the company sends. If the user agrees to the option to receive advertisement mails, then the user can receive special proposals from the company through e-mails.

2. Using it for different purposes and sharing, providing the information with a third party

HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. does not provide the personal information to a third party, third company or other organizations for purposes that exceeds the limit states in the 『 Purpose of collecting and using personal information』in any circumstances except when the user has agreed or it is by the related laws.
When providing or sharing the personal information of the members, we will inform the users in advance in who will receive the information for what purpose, what field the company focuses on, for what purpose the information is being provided or shared and what parts of information is being revealed and will go through a agreement process where users can either agree or refuse to this act through e-mail or through documents.
In most of the cases, only the e-mail address of the users will be disclosed. When we share the personal information of the users more than we have noticed, we will inform the users before we send the personal information.
However, in the following cases, we can provide the personal information without prior notice, regarding the related laws.

- When it is needed to calculate the fee related to service.
- When the data is needed to make statistics, scientific research, market research and is provided in a form where the individual cannot be known.
- When there is a special regulation in the laws on real name financial transaction and secrets, Law on credit information and its use and protection, framework act on communications, framework act on communication business, local tax law, Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Law.
- When request by government organizations by the Framework Act on Communications and other laws.
- When there is request from the Korea Internet Safety Commission to investigate for crimes and other procedures stated by law.

3. Agreement to collecting personal information

HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. receives agreement for collecting the user’s personal information. You can either click “Agree” button on the user’s agreement or Hanteonews' personal information protection policy or click “Cancel” related to collecting your personal data. When you click the “agree” button, we regard that you have agreed to for us to collect your personal information.

4. Person responsible and in charge of personal information

To protect your personal information and to take care of the complaints related to personal information, Hanteonews has employees that are in charge of personal information. If you have any questions related to personal information, please contact the people in charge listed below. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible and sincerely.

Person responsible personal information and teenager protection
Name: Sim Sena
Department: Service Design Team
Telephone: 02-449-2347
Fax: 02-449-2256

Person in charge of personal information and teenager protection
Name: Sim Sena
Department: Service Design Team
Telephone: 02-449-2347
Fax: 02-449-2256

5. Collecting Personal Information

Hanteonews collects the minimum amount of personal information to provide services when users join as members.

To use the service provided by HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc., you must input the ID you prefer, password, name, address, phone number, birth date, and e-mail address essentially. However, the additional information as occupation, hobby, interest field, income, marriage status is not required and does not have any influence in using the service.
When you wish to purchase a product through Hanteonews, you must provide the following additional information to make the payments (and for product shipping).

According to the payment
- Account transfer: Bank, Account number, name of user, Birth date(MM/DD/YYYY).
- Credit card: Type of card, card number, term of availability, Cardholder’s name.

Information needed in product shipping as name, address, phone number of the sender and receiver
- There are times when the company request personal information besides joining as members and making payments. For example, when you participate in a contest or promotion events hosted by the “Company” or by the “Company’s” joint partner, or making complaints for services. When you contact the company, these communication information can be recorded. In addition, sometimes surveys are conducted for research purpose.
- When you think providing information is not adequate, you can choose not to participate in the event.

6. Collecting personal information by cookie

- HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. operates “Cookie” which frequently stores user’s information. Cookie is a very small text file that the server used to operate the Web site sends to the users’ browsers and is stored in the user’s computer hard disk.

- For the following purposes, HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. uses cookie.

It is used to analyze the access frequency and visiting time of members and non-members and to find out the users’ taste and interest field for further marketing and service reorganization.
To trace the products that user has looked at with interest while shopping on-line and to provide customized service for the next shopping.
It is used to provided individualized information according to the user’s interest and to provide differentiated chance to participate in events according to the participation rate and number of times the user has visited the Web site.

- The user has the right to choose whether or not to install cookie. Therefore, by setting your Web browser option to allow all cookies (tool> internet option), confirm whenever a cookie is saved or refuse any kind of cookie storage.
- However, when the user does not allow Web browser cookie, the user will not be able to receive the various service provided by HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc.
- Setting for allowing installing cookie

When using the Internet Explorer 6.0
1. Select [Internet Option] in the [Tool] menu
2. Click on the [Privacy Tab].
3. Set the [Level of Personal Information]
- How to see the received cookie

When using the Internet Explorer 6.0
1. Click on [Tool] on the [Menu bar]
2. Select [Internet Option]
3. Click [settings] in the [General tab (default tab)]
4. Choose [view file].

8. Termination and Cancellation of Membership

- The user can withdraw his or her agreement for collecting and using their personal data when they joined as a member at anytime they wish.

9. General Practices regarding use and storage of personal information

- While you are a member of HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. and receive service by HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc., Joins will store your personal information and use it to provide service.

- When a HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. member requests to cancel its ID according to 8. Termination (Cancellation of membership) procedure and when the information received by the provider has met the purpose for collecting the personal data, the personal information is completely deleted from the hard disk and can not be restored by any way and viewed or used for any purpose.

- But, to prevent indiscrete joining/cancelling of certain ID due to ownership dispute, the company holds the record whether the ID has been used and it an automatic system to prevent rejoining using a specific ID.

- In addition, in cases where personal data should be stored even after the purpose has been achieved after collecting or receiving the personal data, the company can hold the personal data of the users.

- HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. does not provide a child’s personal information or share it with a third party and when the legal representative requests to change an error in the personal data collected from the child, the company prohibits using or providing the certain personal data until the error has been fixed.

10. Personal Information Protection Policy for children under 14

- Children under age 14 (Hereafter “Children”) can join as a member through a separate user agreement form that uses easy to understand terminologies and when collecting personal data, the company should receive agreement from their legal representatives in advance.

- HANTEOGLOBAL, Inc. collects the minimum personal information as name and addresses of the legal representatives of the children to receive agreement and receives agreement from the legal representatives through the procedure states in the “Privacy Protection Guideline.”

- The legal representatives of the children can request to view, change and delete the children’s personal data.

11. Teenager Protection Policy

- Hanteonews's teenager protection policy observes the Teenager Protection Law and is to protect the teenagers from harmful surroundings and to help them develop healthy characteristics. Hanteonews follows the Korea Internet Safety Commission guidelines and decisions on media that is harmful to youth, restrict youth under 19 to access to harmful information.

12. Youth Protection Act

- Hanteonews restricts harmful information as pornography and illegal information through service agreements, policies the company has set. The company tries hard to strictly restrict unethical and antisocial acts that harm the youth to grow soundly.

13. Security prevention for loss, misuse, infringement, change of personal information

- User’s personal information is protected through the password and only the user him/herself can have access to the personal information. You can make changes in your Joongang ilbo personal information using the user ID and password.

- You must not your password to anyone. Hanteonews does not call you or send e-mails to ask your password. And when you have finished using the service, you must log out and close the Web browser. This is to prevent other people to see your personal information and the service record when you share a computer with another person or use internet in an internet café, library or other public places.

- The company will do its best to protect the user’s personal information, but we cannot ensure you that sending data using the internet cannot be 100% safe. Therefore, one should follow the user guideline to protect the personal information and please pay special attention in protecting your precious personal data.

- When on-line- for example through bulletin boards, e-mails or in chatting rooms- please always keep in mind that the information you provide voluntarily can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post your personal information online where people can access to freely, you might receive messages from places you don’t want to get.

- The responsibility to maintain security for your own user ID and password is the member’s own responsibility. Therefore, when you are on-line, please pay special attention to it.

- User guideline to protect personal information.

① Provide personal information only when it is needed.
② Confirm the personal protection policy when providing personal information.
③ When users can chose between opening or closing the personal information, chose to close the information.
④ Do not post your own or others’ personal information on blog or bulletin boards.
⑤ Search your name, social security number, phone numbers and other personal information through portal search engines periodically to see if your information has been disclosed.
⑥ When your personal information has been disclosed, you should request immediately to the according Web site or portal search engine to delete your personal information.

14. Consultation and Report of Personal Information Infringement

- If you need to report or receive consultation regarding personal information infringement, contact the personal information infringement reporting center within the Korea Information Security Agency Web site.

Korea Information Security Agency
* Telephone: No area code needed 118
* E-mail:
* URL:

15. Responsibility to Notify Policy Changes
- This personal information protection policy has been amended on September 23, 2014 and if there is any change, additional information or elimination according to the law, policy or security technology change the company must inform this at least ten days before the policy is enacted on the Web site and its reason for such change.