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[Whosfan:View] Kang Daniel Makes Comeback on August 3rd... Kang Daniel's Second Mini Album 'MAGENTA' Teaser Released!
- August 3rd, vividly red Kang Daniel is coming! - Kang Daniel's new release 'MAGENTA' after 5 months On July 5th at 6 PM, Kang Daniel&
[Daily Ranking: July 14th] EXO-SC’s ‘10억 뷰’ Places 1st
On July 15th, HANTEO CHART, servicing the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, released the Daily Physical Album ranking of July 14th.The 1st o
KANG DANIEL Releases the Cover Artwork of the 2nd Mini Album 'MAGENTA' of the 'Color Trilogy "Hints at 'strong' and 'powerful' concept... The album presale begins July 13th!"
Singer KANG DANIEL's 'MAGENTA' is being unveiled starting with the cover artwork release. Through official social media channel on July
[Initial Chodong Record] SF9's 8th Mini Album '9loryUS' Sold More Than 72,000 Copies in the First Week (Hanteo Chart Official) "Achieves about 105% growth, the mainstream career path continues from the 1st Studio Album!"
Group SF9's 8th Mini Album '9loryUS' recorded the Initial Chodong(first week of release)sales amount of more than 72,000 copies. On Jul
[Showcase] GFRIEND Holds Mini Album '回:Song of the Sirens' Release Online/Offline Showcase (Roundup) "An album with GFRIEND's story and growth... Please look forward to the different concept"
On July 13th at 2 PM, group GFRIEND held an online/offline showcase celebrating the release of the mini album'回:Song of the Sirens.' In the
[Showcase] JEONG SEWOON Holds the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1 Release Media Listening Session (Roundup) "A business-card-like album full of self-composed tracks... want to give an impression that it's 'Jeong Sewoon-like'"
On July 14th at 4 PM, singer Jeong Sewoon held a media listening session in celebration of the release of the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1.
[Photo] JEONG SEWOON Releases Photos from the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1 Release Media Listening Session
Singer JEONG SEWOON releases the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1 today (14th). Before the release of the 1st Studio Album, Jeong Sewoon held a
[Photo] GFRIEND Releases Photos from '回:Song of the Sirens' Release Online/Offline Media Showcase
On July 13th, group GFRIEND released the Mini Album '回:Song of the Sirens.' Celebrating the mini album release, GFRIEND held an online/offl
[Breaking] EXO-SC's (Sehun&Chanyeol) 1st Studio Album '1 Billion Views' Breaks the Unit's Initial Chodong Record on the First Day of Release! "Album sales of more than 260,000 copies... Can it reach half a million?"
Group EXO's EXO-SC (Sehun & Chanyeol) has set a new Initial Chodong (first week of release) record on the first day of release. On July 14t
[Interview] On July 13th, Fantastic Duo EXO-SC (Sehun&Chanyeol) Makes a Comeback! "The 1st Studio Album '1 Billion Views', a bouncy song with familiar words... hope many will love the song"
EXO-SC (Sehun&Chanyeol) are back with funky sound that will blow away the heat. This is the album after 1 year since the first mini album '
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