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KANG DANIEL Releases the Cover Artwork of the 2nd Mini Album 'MAGENTA' of the 'Color Trilogy "Hints at 'strong' and 'powerful' concept... The album presale begins July 13th!"
Singer KANG DANIEL's 'MAGENTA' is being unveiled starting with the cover artwork release. Through official social media channel on July
[Photo] JEONG SEWOON Releases Photos from the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1 Release Media Listening Session
Singer JEONG SEWOON releases the 1st Studio Album '24' PART 1 today (14th). Before the release of the 1st Studio Album, Jeong Sewoon held a
[Photo] GFRIEND Releases Photos from '回:Song of the Sirens' Release Online/Offline Media Showcase
On July 13th, group GFRIEND released the Mini Album '回:Song of the Sirens.' Celebrating the mini album release, GFRIEND held an online/offl
[Interview] On July 13th, Fantastic Duo EXO-SC (Sehun&Chanyeol) Makes a Comeback! "The 1st Studio Album '1 Billion Views', a bouncy song with familiar words... hope many will love the song"
EXO-SC (Sehun&Chanyeol) are back with funky sound that will blow away the heat. This is the album after 1 year since the first mini album '
VERIVERY's Kangmin and His Charm That Would Blow Away the Heat! Places 1st in Whosfan's 'Ice Cream Commercial Model Idol' Poll
Kangmin of VERIVERYtook the title of 'the most cool & cute idol' by placing 1st on the poll, 'Which idol should become a commercial mo
[Breaking] IRENE/SEULGI's 1st Mini Album 'MONSTER' Surpasses 100,000 Copies on the 3rd Day of Release (Hanteo Chart Official) "The combination of Irene & Seulgi worked... Achieved more than 80,000 copies on the first day!"
The first unit of Red Velvet, the combination of IRENE/Seulgi worked. On July 9th, Hanteo Chart, the world's one-and-only real-time chart, offi
[Special] Celebrating the 4th Year Anniversary, NCT 127 in Initial Chodong Sales "From the growing group with limitless spectrum to becoming 'Heroes (Kick It)'"
Today on July 7th, group NCT 127 marked its 4th year debut anniversary. Even before the debut, NCT 127 garnered attention with openness and expandabil
NATURE Collaborates with DICO in Korean Education Contents for Global Fans with the New Song 'Girls' "Good influence as K-culture ambassador + shoots down the global fans hearts with perfect Spanish!" Group NATURE is leading the effort to share Korean culture with extraordinary activities. After making a comeback w
[New Release] The Digital Music Force is Back... Light and Fun 2020 Summer Songs of ZICO! "The title track 'Summer Hate' features Rain... What's their special synergy?"
On the first day of July, singer ZICO is back with an exciting 'RANDOM BOX.' The latestalbum full of ZICO's summer song, 'RANDOM BO
[New Release] VERIVERY Makes a Comeback with the 4th Mini Album 'FACE YOU' "VERIVERY's perfect synch with new song 'Thunder'... The music video with multiple interpretations also increases anticipation"
VERIVERY, who built up their own image since the debut, is coming back with a new album. VERIVERY's 4th Mini Album 'FACE YOU' is the al
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