EXO Counts Down to Comeback with the 6th Full Studio Album ‘OBSESSION’
“The match between EXO VS X-EXO! A groundbreaking ‘#EXODEUX’ promotion”

Joheun news@hanteo.com

2019-11-09 00:55 (KST)

Screen capture of EXO’s 6th Studio Album ‘OBSESSION’ comeback trailer video (Photo Credit=SM Entertainment)
Screen capture of EXO’s 6th Studio Album ‘OBSESSION’ comeback trailer video (Photo Credit=SM Entertainment)

Group EXO goes into the countdown to the comeback with a groundbreaking promotion.


At 0 AM KST on the 8th, the trailer video announcing the beginning of ‘#EXODEUX’ promotion was released on EXO’s official homepage and various social media channels. EXO is scheduled to release the 6th Studio Album ‘OBSESSION’ on November 27th.


Expected to heighten the anticipation of the new album, the ‘#EXODEUX’ promotion is an unconventional teasing promotion that marries the 6th Studio album’s concept and the storytelling unique to EXO that continued since their debut.

The trailer video released on the 8th reveals X-EXO, another EXO created from a red aura signifying conflict, and foreshadowed the face-off between EXO and X-EXO, receiving heated reactions from the fans.


Also, a variety of social media channels of X-EXO are open, and the accounts of EXO and X-EXO are expected to release teaser images and videos that are opposites in concepts.


In addition, the ‘#EXODEUX’ mobile promotion page is now open as of the 9th 0 AM KST and will show in real-time the match status of EXO and X-EXO based on the ‘Likes,’ retweets, and replies of the contents posted on both accounts. There will be reward contents to the concept that won the battle, so the ‘#EXODEUX’ promotion will be another way to enjoy EXO’s comeback.


EXO’s 6th Studio Album ‘OBSESSION’ will be released on November 27th and can be pre-ordered from online/offline music stores.

Joheun news@hanteo.com

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