[Showcase] SEVENTEEN Holds an Online/Offline Press Conference of 7th Mini Album 'Heng:garæ'
"Grateful for the title of growing idol... Will continue to show the unlimited growth from now on"

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2020-06-23 12:28 (KST)


SEVENTEEN who is holding an online/offline press conference for the 7th Mini Album Heng:garæ at InterContinental Seoul COEX in Seoul at 4PM on June 22nd (Photo Credit=Sena Sim)
SEVENTEEN who is holding an online/offline press conference for the 7th Mini Album 'Heng:garæ' at InterContinental Seoul COEX in Seoul at 4PM on June 22nd (Photo Credit=Sena Sim)

On June 22nd 4 PM, SEVENTEEN held an online/offline press conference celebrating the release of the 7th Mini Album 'Heng:garæ' at InterContinental Seoul COEX's Harmony Ball Room in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


The latest release of SEVENTEEN who came back after about 9 months, 'Heng:garæ' recorded the pre-order abount of 1,060,000 copies and proved the heat of the coemback. SEVENTEEN shared their thoughts, "Since it's an album we prepared hard during the long break, we hope that many people would love it," and continued on the story of the new release.


About the meaning of 'Heng:garæ,' the 7th Mini Album, member Woozi staed, "We wanted to send the message of support that we can go up with our strength to the youths who are unable to find answers because they don't know where to go. We named the album 'Heng:garæ1' because of that." After introducing the album's name, they discussed the title track 'Left & Right.' About the title track, member Joshua expressed it as "the song that SEVENTEEN sends the support with the message of let's strongly move forward to those youths who are at the crossroads of choices."


The title track 'Left & Right' is a song that reinterpreted the hip-hop genre of 2000 with the sounds of 2020, and it is a song that sends the message of support to the youths who feel like there is no way out 'left & right' with the bouncy charms of SEVENTEEN. Member Hoshi shared his confidence in the title track 'Left & Right' by saying, "We worked on this title track for a long time. When I first listened to the song, I had a small worry because it's a genre that SEVENTEEN hasn't tried before, but I felt like we could get on a new challenge. When I heard the song for the third time, I was confident that this song should be the title track."


Seungkwan followed, "I got into the rhythm right after I heard the chorus, and I could picture SEVENTEEN on stage. Befitting the title of the song 'Left & Right,' I hope this song could become a 'motto song2 of youth,'" lightening up the mood of the audience with the witty comment.


SEVENTEEN who is holding an online/offline press conference for the 7th Mini Album Heng:garæ at InterContinental Seoul COEX in Seoul at 4PM on June 22nd (Photo Credit=Sena Sim)
SEVENTEEN who is holding an online/offline press conference for the 7th Mini Album 'Heng:garæ' at InterContinental Seoul COEX in Seoul at 4PM on June 22nd (Photo Credit=Sena Sim)

Also, the official music video of SEVENTEEN's 'Left & Right' were released during the press conference. After the music video was played, member Dino said, "Not just with the song and the choreography, but members came up with the ideas and the scenes in the music videos at the spot here and there," showing off the creativity of SEVENTEEN.


Member Joshua revealed his love of Carats by saying, "Moreover, we prepared more things for this album's promotion than the promotions of the other albums. We typically prepare two songs, a title track and a sub-title track. But we thought it would be better to show a variety of things for the fans who have been waiting for a long time, so for the 'Heng:garæ' promotion, we prepared the stages for the sub-title track 'My My,' the title track 'Left & Right,' and also the first track of the album 'Fearless.'"


The first track of the 7th Mini Album, 'Fearless' is a song that is a continuation of the 'Poison : Fear,' the title track of the previous album, 'An Ode.' The song contains the story of moving forward after breaking the emotion of 'Fear' which was expressed during the last promotion.


Many reporters asked questions to SEVENTEEN as this was the first album released after the Studio Album 'An Ode,' which received unprecedented love from the fans.


To the question asking whether there was a pressure while preparing for this album, member Woozi replied, "It is true that the responsibility and pressure grew as we wanted to come up with better music. However, we completed an album that we can show SEVENTEEN as is, and we're confident because of that. We could overcome the pressure."


To the question asking if there is a tip for listening to the title 'Left & Right,' members Jun and Wonwoo answered, "There are many moments when you have to make a decision in life. If you listen to our title track and choose what your mind tells you at that moment, we think that would be a very good decision."


Member Hoshi replied to the question asking whether there are moments when SEVENTEEN themselves feel like they grew up the most as the most recent album 'An Ode' album grew 500 times in Initial Chodong (first week of release) sales amount compared to the debut album. Hoshi sincerely gave an answer, "I think the moment that we feel that we have grown the most is right now. I was always nervous during press conference of each comebacks, but now, I'm excited and grateful. I think my mind grew a lot looking at these things."


Also, to the title of 'growing idol,' members shared their thoughts saying that it is a 'grateful title.' Member Seungkwan said, "I think it's such a great title. As an idol going on to the 6th year, we're very thankful and think that we should work harder every time that we hear that we are continuously growing. We'd like to thank Carats once again," mentioning SEVENTEEN's fan club 'Carat.'


Member S.Coups expressed his ambitions, "We go on promotions thinking ourselves as limitless idols. Therefore, we think the title of 'growing idol' is a limitless title, so we like it a lot and are very thankful for it. We will become SEVENTEEN who will continue to promote harder."


All the songs of SEVENTEEN's 7th Mini Album 'Heng:garæ' were released through a number of digital music streaming sites on June 22nd at 6 PM.


As the group garnered public's attention with the album slaes of more than 700,000 copies through the previous album 'An Ode,' much attention is on what kind of record they will set with the latest release.




1'헹가래Heng:garæ' means 'tossing someone into the air' in Korean.

2'Motto' in Korean is '좌우명,' which sounds the same to the word that means 'left and right' in Korean.

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