[Whosfan:View] Kang Daniel’s Fandom Gets a New Name, ‘DANITY’
“The name that fans have waited for 8 months… Reborn as ‘DANITY’ from ‘no-name’”

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2019-08-31 09:37 (KST)

Kang Daniel (Photo Credit=Konnect Entertainment)
Kang Daniel (Photo Credit=Konnect Entertainment)

Kang Daniel’s fandom finally has a name. ‘DANITY.’ It’s a name that fans have been eagerly looking forward to.


After the official disbandment of group Wanna One on January 31st, 2019, Kang Daniel could neither communicate with the fans nor promote himself until the injunction over the dispute with his former management company was granted on May 10th. On June 10th, the former center of Wanna One founded a one-person management company, Konnect Entertainment, and signaled his solo promotion. At the base, there was the power of Kang Daniel’s fandom who unconditionally supported him.


The Instagram account opened by Kang Daniel’s former agency on January 3rd had acquired 1 Million followers within the 12 hours of opening, and this record has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The official fan cafe opened, also by the former agency on February, had almost 150,000 members as well. Fueled by the power of the fans, the former official fan cafe opened submission for fandom names, and it seemed like full-scale fandom activities would start any time soon. However, there were no updates till March, until Kang Daniel notified the fans through the former official fan cafe that he is in dispute with the management company.

Kang Daniel’s official Instagram account
Kang Daniel’s official Instagram account

Afterward, Kang Daniel’s personal Instagram account served as the only communication between the artist and the fans. Kang Daniel also did his best to communicate with the fans via social media, but there was no official name to the fandom in the last 8 months.


Despite the constant conflict with the former agency, fans have been sending unchanging support to Kang Daniel. Fans supported through the hashtag and real-time search keyword campaigns, and they spoke for Kang Daniel’s mind through cafe advertisement events. Even when there was no promise of a debut, the fans helped in order to keep Kang Daniel at the top of a number of charts.


The point when the true power of this support was revealed was on July 25th, when Kang Daniel released his 1st solo album, ‘Color on Me.’ Hanteo Chart, servicing the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, announced that this release from Kang Daniel had recorded 466,701 copies in Initial Chodong (1st week of release) physical album sales along with the 1st in the solo artists’ Initial Chodong records of all times and the 8th in all the artists’ Initial Chodong records. It’s also the fans that made these records possible.


Kang Daniel and Kang Daniel’s fans are not based on a simple vertical relationship of ‘a celebrity and fans’ - it is a relationship that trust, love, and respect one another that suggested a new direction that idol fandoms can go. It includes not only the autonomous feedback from the artist to the fans’ requests but also the interactions that fans offer the inspiration to the artist and the joint social contribution.


“Donation relay” of Kang Daniel and his fans
“Donation relay” of Kang Daniel and his fans

To these fans of Kang Daniel, there couldn’t be a name for 8 months. Kang Daniel’s fandom used to call each other ‘Blee-nim1’ after his former group’s fandom name, ‘Wannable.’ They also called each other ‘Peach-nim’ after Kang Daniel’s earlier nickname, ‘Apeach2,’ and some fans humorously named the fandom ‘KFC (KangDaniel Fan Club)’ as a temporary measure. 


Usually, the agency will open a fan cafe before the debut and nearly at the same time will open the submission for the fandom name and will announce it afterward. However, the fandom name was not determined for a long time due to the long dispute with the former agency, and fans encouraged and consoled each other calling themselves ‘MooMyung (No-name in English),’ meaning that they do not have a name. Knowing the fans’ situation well, Kang Daniel and the management company, Konnect Entertainment, also called the fans ‘MooMyung-nims’ and opened a space called ‘No Name Zone’ in the fan cafe, honoring this name.


Kang Daniel had stated numerous times during showcase, V LIVE, and the Singapore fan meeting that he is deliberating on the fans’ inquiries on fandom names and continuously asked for the fans’ understanding about the fandom name being undecided.


V LIVE broadcast in which Kang Daniel’s official fandom name has been announced (Photo=screen capture of V LIVE broadcast)
V LIVE broadcast in which Kang Daniel’s official fandom name has been announced
(Photo=screen capture of V LIVE broadcast)

Finally, on August 19th, there was a submission for the fandom name opened for 5 days on the fan cafe, and 6 candidates were selected among a number of fandom names. Through the surprise V LIVE from Kang Daniel, the names that fans and Kang Daniel have selected were revealed without any discrimination. Kang Daniel hand-wrote each candidate and gave fans the anticipation and happiness. The vote was open for a day on August 27th on fan cafe, and the long-awaited fan club name was finally announced on August 28th.


Fan club’s name is ‘DANITY.’ It’s a word that combined ‘Daniel’ and ‘-ity,’ and it means that ‘Every moment that Kang Daniel (DANIEL) and his fans are together is a special state (-ITY).’ On August 29th at 7 PM, the name was announced on the live broadcast of Kang Daniel’s V LIVE account, and many fans were moved and celebrated for the long-awaited name of the fandom.


Kang Daniel’s fan club ‘DANITY’ will recruit the members of the official fan club soon.




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1‘nim’ is an honorific after a name in Korean.
2A character from Kakao Friends.

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