[2019 Hanteo Chart Crown Chart] The best K-Pop artist of 2019 is BTS
"Recorded overwhelming score difference in Album and Digital... Places 1st 2 years in a row since 2018!"

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

2020-02-05 10:00 (KST)

BTS, who placed 1st in 2019 Crown Chart announced by Hanteo Chart

Group BTS has earned the glory of the 1st place in Hanteo Chart's Crown Chart in 2019 as well as they did in 2018.


On the 1st, Hanteo Chart, the world's one-and-only real-time music chart, announced the '2019 Crown Chart' through the company's homepage and revealed that BTS has placed 1st in the chart.


Announced every year by Hanteo Chart, Crown Chart is a chart to celebrate the artists who are most loved by the fans during the year and greatly contributed to the music industry based on the meaningful activities. The chart included all the K-Pop artists who released physical album or digital music from January 1st to December 31st of 2019 and is calculated based on the total scores of the indexed Music(Album, Digital), Star, Media, Social data.


BTS recorded 8,126,570 points in Music Index, which is the sum of Album Index of 5,950,000 points and Digital Index of 2,176,570 points. In addition, the group scored 41,062 points in Star Index, 25,425 points in Media Index, and 500,000 points in Social Index, recording a total of 8,693,057 points. The difference in the total score with the 2nd place amounts to about 3 million points, and especially the Music Index showed an overwhelming gap to land BTS the title of the 1st place. As previously stated, BTS also achieved a splendid feat of placing 1st in Crown Chart 2 years in a row since '2018 Crown Chart.'


Especially, BTS's album 'MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA,' released on April 12th of last year, won multiple titles of 'the first' or 'the most' in K-Pop History, playing a major role in BTS's winning the 1st place. According to Hanteo Chart, this album reached the record of 'Double Million' with the Initial Chodong (first week of the release) sales amount of 2,130,480 copies. The album continued to be loved by the fans all over the world and recorded the sales of 2,539,703 copies throughout the year.


As Hanteo Chart's 2019 Crown Chart is announced along with BTS's overwhelming records, it is worthy of note what kind of records will be set in K-Pop in 2020. The information on artists' album sales and K-Pop data/chart can be found on the Hanteo Chart homepage(www.hanteochart.com) and the Whosfan mobile app(www.whosfan.io).

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

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