[WhosfanTV] TOP 10 of the 1st Week of January’s K-Pop Weekly Physical Album Chart
“TAEYEON Places the 1st in chart without stopping in 2020”

Joheun news@hanteo.com

2020-01-09 12:04 (KST)


On January 6th, the YouTube channel ‘WhosfanTV’, operated by ‘Whosfan,’ a community platform for K-Pop fans all around the world, released the video of Hanteo Chart’s 1st week of January Physical Album Chart TOP 10.


WhosfanTV’s official MC, the newscaster Jo Seo Yeon, reported that the 1st place in the 1st week of January’s album sales was taken byTAEYEON’s ‘Purpose.’ Claiming the 1st place in the first Weekly Physical Album chart of 2020, TAEYEON will hold ‘TAEYEON Concert - The UNSEEN’ over 3 days from January 17th to 19th.


Through the video, Jo Seo Yeon newscaster announced the news of TAEYEON’s concert and solved quiz on the artists who ranked 1st in the Weekly Physical Album Charts of 2019. Viewers can check out Jo Seo Yeon newscaster cheerfully guessing the artists and albums that placed 1st in the weekly charts.


Following TAEYEON’s album, the higher ranks of the Weekly Physical Chart of the 1st week of January were taken by ‘Clé : LEVANTER’ by Stray Kids, ‘‘The ReVe Festival’ Finale’ by Red Velvet, and more.


More video contents related to music chart and K-Pop, including the weekly chart news, can be found on the YouTube channel, ‘WhosfanTV.’


Below is the video from WhosfanTV.



Joheun news@hanteo.com

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