[Breaking: New Record] Kang Daniel, sets new record of Initial Chodong sales of 400,000 copies within 3 days of the album release
“‘1st among solo artists of all time’ Kang Daniel’s endless new record… focus on the final score”

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

2019-07-31 13:03 (KST)

Kang Daniel (Photo Credit=KONNECT Entertainment)

Kang Daniel has set a new record of Initial Chodong (first 7 days of release) sales among the solo artists in the history of K-Pop.


Hanteo Chart, who services the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, announced that Kang Daniel’s solo debut album ‘color on me’ has exceeded the cumulative sales of 404,896 copies at 12 PM today (31st) after 3 days of its release, which was July 29th.


Also, Hanteo Chart stated that Kang Daniel’s latest album has set a new record in Initial Chodong sales (the cumulative album sales in the first 7 days of the album release) among the solo artists of all time.


This is an amazing figure even in the standard of all the albums released in 2019. Based on the Hanteo Chart’s calculation up until noon of today, Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ is ranked in 2nd place in the Initial Chodong ranking of all the albums released in 2019. Considering that solo artists have fewer album sales compared to groups on average, the record-breaking score of Kang Daniel truly demonstrates ‘Kang Daniel power.’


Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ album is like a gift to the fans who waited for a long time during his hiatus. He tried to prepare the album during the period of time as short as possible, and all the while, he participated in writing lyrics for all the songs in the albums except for the intro track in order to include his color and individuality as much as possible. Therefore, this album bears greater meaning to him and his fans, and the astonishing records are certainly proving this deep meaning.


Starting today, Kang Daniel is holding fan signing events while touring the major cities in Korea in order to get closer to the fans. Starting from Gwangju and Daejeon (31st) today, the event will be held in Busan and Daegu on August 1st and twice in Seoul on the 3rd. Especially in Busan, the event will be held as a public fan signing event, expecting to meet more fans and spend time face to face with them.

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

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