[Whosfan:View] The Best Way that Kang Daniel the Artist Shows His Heart, ‘Music’
“Because Kang Daniel wants you to hear - the way to listen to his music”

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2019-12-20 07:03 (KST)

“His heart and music that Kang Daniel wanted you to hear”
“Kang Daniel is a singer. A singer talks with his song.”


On December 16th, MBC Music’s music channel program ‘Show Champion’ has released the unaired video of Kang Daniel who couldn’t appear on the program on December 4th as scheduled.

The video was Kang Daniel’s interview pre-recorded from the latest ‘MMA’ (MelOn Music Awards). In the video, Kang Daniel introduced the 2 songs in the newly released digital single, discussed his favorite part in the title track ‘TOUCHIN',’ and shared his thoughts on creating harmonious stage performance. Especially, he said that he expressed his want to take off in a plane in the song ‘Adulthood,’ of which he participated in writing the lyrics.


Screen capture from the interview video released from ‘Show Champion’1

Artist Kang Daniel is an idol of dancing B-boy origin. He has not been professionally trained in pop music such as songwriting or arrangements and mainly practiced his dance skills, and he received much worried feedback that his vocals are weak as he lacked the vocal lessons during the 2 years that he spent as a trainee.

In fact, Kang Daniel’s voice may not be the definition of a beautiful voice but has a unique tenderness and soft vibe, which makes it easy to listen to. However, he has not received a true musical evaluation of his vocal skills yet. This is also due to the fact that the singer himself is consistently humble.

But Kang Daniel does not make a lot of mistakes such as singing out of tune nor just lip-syncs while on stage. His singing vocal also has the quality of his soft voice and way of speaking, but his rap shows a different charisma, making him an artist with a ‘twist.’ Even with all these strong points, it is such a disappointment that Kang Daniel’s voice is just considered as his fans’ and not well known to the public.

Even when he debuted as group Wanna One, Kang Daniel’s position was a rapper. Also, all the tracks in his solo album consisted of vocal-centric songs, but what got mentioned was mainly about his dance and whether his debut stage was successful or not, not his vocal skills. In addition, the media outlets mainly mentioned his dance, cute face like a ‘puppy,’ innocent expressions, broad shoulders, and slim but sturdy physicals. It was difficult to find places that would discuss his music, emotions, or musical taste. Kang Daniel is a singer but his dance moves were more famous, and he sang but his stage performance received more praise. Despite all that, Kang Daniel always sang. He sang his heart. Because he is a singer


Screen capture of the behind-the-scenes video of ‘THE SHOW,’ in which Kang Daniel placed 1st with his digital single, ‘TOUCHIN'’

On YouTube Channel, ‘The K-POP,’ the behind-the-scenes video of the music show ‘THE SHOW’ aired on December 3rd was uploaded. In the video, Kang Daniel seemed very nervous. Also, his expression showed his will to perform on many more stages with the courage he gained from the fan club ‘DANITY’s’ support and help from the dance team and the management staff.

After receiving the 1st place trophy, Kang Daniel gave his acceptance speech with teary eyes and showed his sweet heart by giving out the last bit of the small fish-shaped buns to the fans. In the interview after the encore stage, he stated that he released the digital single hoping that fans would comfortably enjoy the music and that he would become Kang Daniel who is humble and gifts good music. He expressed his goal of demonstrating not only the good performance that everyone is expecting but also good music. Not just the stage. He said he wants to do ‘music.’




In the ‘On the Way Out!’ video of ‘THE SHOW,’ Kang Daniel revealed that it’s the music that he prepared hoping that fans would like it regardless of the result of the new digital single album.




# A digital single to be heard in comfort


The expectation toward Kang Daniel’s latest single was high from the artist himself, and he wanted the music to be heard by fans and everyone. Before the release, he expressed his want to show the new music and he mentioned this several times.

The title track ‘TOUCHIN'’ that Kang Daniel has confidently released is a dance track, but it doesn’t make your body shake with forced beats, but rather, makes you to naturally move up and down. Rhythmical sound, catchy chorus, choreography like a scene from a movie, and exciting chant (Oh-Oh!) are perfectly mixed together, making the dramatic song to never grow old.

Also, the music video of ‘TOUCHIN'’ seems to have homaged the scenes from Hong Kong cinema in the 80s - 90s. However, the song itself contains narrative and addictive. You will find yourself humming to ‘oh-woah’ while listening to the song.



Official music video of Kang Daniel’s digital single album, ‘TOUCHIN'’



Even as a digital single that doesn’t release a separate physical album, the fact that Kang Daniel included two songs imply that he wanted to ‘show and tell the musical story that’s different in color.’

The B-side track ‘Adulthood’ has honest lyrics that represent those who had to become an adult because of the social life that started at an early age. In fact, the family tree of ‘Adulthood’s’ lyrics goes up to the song called ‘Kangaroo’ that Kang Daniel wrote during his Wanna One days.

Below is the part of ‘Kangaroo’s’ lyrics:


My unplanned outing made it awkward
I learned my lesson through this day
It’s all about minimalism
Give some white space beauty to your forced thoughts
Over pace, over pace
So soon, the sun is about to set
Even snoring sounds like a bass line
Get on all fours and walk
- From Wanna One’s ‘Kangaroo’


From this part, the lyrics organically flow into ‘Adulthood.’ If ‘Kangaroo’ showed a cheerful and passionate boy who wanted to find time to unwind during a busy schedule, ‘Adulthood’ depicts the process of the boy becoming a young man through life’s hardship and growing into an adult while accepting the reality. Compared to the debut album ‘Color on Me,’ in which Kang Daniel participated in writing the lyrics in 4 songs out of 5, this very song lets you feel Kang Daniel grew up since then.


Tracklist of ‘Color on Me,’ Kang Daniel’s debut album



# ‘Thank you for waiting, I had a hard time but I could overcome it thanks to the fans’


Wasn’t this the message that Kang Daniel constantly wanted to relay in the debut album, ‘Color on Me’?

Kang Daniel’s year was particularly eventful. Starting from the agency dispute of last March, he was constantly harassed by vicious rumors and personal insults. Right after he debuted as a solo artist after concluding the dispute, his personal life was forcefully disclosed, broadcast activities were covertly blocked due to the long dispute, and the groups who upload posts that maliciously edited his every word and move.

The lyrics of 4 songs are full of the days that Kang Daniel had to fight off the malicious comments that ordinary people can’t even imagine just because of the reason that he is a celebrity and many people’s idol. I’d like to ask; haven’t we just let this beautiful album - the one that Kang Daniel put his heart of wanting the listeners to be happy and only depicted with brightness and thankfulness instead of darkness or hardship - go by, in favor of other issues like simply ‘high sales.’

Kang Daniel mentioned that the 2nd track ‘Color’ on his ‘Color on Me’ album is a ‘journey of finding his own color.’


Everything changed
But I'm still standing right here
Even if it’s not sure
Just leave it all alone
- From Kang Daniel’s ‘Color’


But from the lyrics like above or from the atmosphere of the song overall, we can deduce the difficulties that Kang Daniel had to go through in order to continue on his music career.



Official music video of Kang Daniel’s ‘What are you up to’ 


‘What are you up to,’ the title track of the album ‘Color on Me,’ takes the form of a story about waiting. However, if you look at the lyrics closely, it’s not simply about the emotional exchange between two people but about telling a story to the many.


What’s wrong with me
I am wandering
Can anybody tell me
I’m curious
- From Kang Daniel’s ‘What are you up to’


This song talks about the situation in which the interest of the public and the fans has left and his words and thoughts aren’t properly communicated. Especially, the music video depicts Kang Daniel himself crushed under meaningless gossip and losing his feelings. Rather than blaming the people who used to like him changing their minds, Kang Daniel blames himself for being powerless.

Despite all that, Kang Daniel decides to show his courage and strength of overcoming the limits and stand strong in front of the public in his 4th track, ‘Horizon.’ And he ran on the road guaranteed to be difficult for the fans.

I just wanna love you
You know the answer
I step over the line to you
I step over the line and go to you
- From Kang Daniel’s ‘Horizon’


In the 5th track, ‘I HOPE,’ he confesses through the warm lyrics and melody that everything so far is thanks to the fans who believed in him.


In the moments that I pass by again
At the end of the doubt that has grown
You soothed me who became more fearful
Confessing at the same time
Poured all of your heart
I hope we can be together there
- From Kang Daniel’s ‘I HOPE’

Kang Daniel constantly revealed that this song is only for the fans. Almost every media outlet mentioned this, but people stared at him with misunderstanding and doubt. Then the truth and sincerity were hidden, and Kang Daniel had to save his words. He was even criticized for the lack of communication because of that.




# 6 months of waiting, 4 months of inability to go on air, 9 days of promotion


Last September, the dispute between Kang Daniel and his former management company was finally over and his limitation to go on the broadcast was lifted. During the Seoul fan meeting ‘Color on Seoul’ held for 2 days right before the new digital single album release, Kang Daniel released the title track ‘TOUCHIN'’ in advance. The fans’ reaction to it was explosive, and they were full of expectations toward the next promotion.

After watching the video that fans prepared, Kang Daniel carefully revealed his inner thoughts while facing the Korean fans who waited for so long. As he always said “sorry” to the fans, fans asked him “not to say sorry anymore,” and Kang Daniel spoke his heart with teary eyes, “I could only say sorry because I couldn’t tell you anything else, and that period felt very suffocating and made me angry.” He has endured the hard times in silence, and it seemed as if there won’t be any hardships anymore.

However, many criticisms poured down on him with the beginning of his album promotions. Negative public opinions were formed around the news articles without proper sources and posts on social media, and rumors without evidence were widespread. All the while, even his winning a music show garnered doubts and malicious comments. The music program released accurate evidence based on data. But even the trustworthy evidence was no use to convince the hearts of the disbeliefs.

Hearing 1 bad thing hurts even if you hear 9 good things. Such events would have felt like knives to the heart of the artist. His wounds must have been bigger because he was going through hard times for long and he was happy with the result that his fans worked for so hard. Such public opinions were too harsh to the 24-year-old who mustered his courage after overcoming the difficult situation with the fans’ incessant love.



Because Kang Daniel wants you to hear


During the 4 days of Chuseok holidays, portal website Naver released the 24-hour music radio ‘Naver NOW.’ Especially, they broadcasted ‘Kang Daniel SHOW,’ an online radio show for Kang Daniel. Over the 4 episodes, the program introduced the songs that Kang Daniel picked himself that fit the theme of each episode.

The music introduced by Kang Daniel through this program wasn’t especially specialized or unfamiliar. The music introduced was catered to his taste and probably the songs that Kang Daniel’s fans would have given a listen. The songs were introduced with comments like the story of a movie or the situation that he listened to the music in.

In fact, ‘Kang Daniel SHOW’ is not the first time that Kang Daniel introduced his music playlist. Last July, at the same time with his solo debut, he has released the music list that he wanted to let the fans hear along with a simple introduction page through Naver’s music application, ‘VIVE.’ Also, ‘MelOn’s’ music streaming service had released 3 Kang Daniel’s episodes of ‘MelOn Radio Star DJ.’ Various music was introduced along with short skits or comments.

During his group activities, Kang Daniel introduced his favorite music to the fans from time to time. We could see his listening to music while on the move. That’s right. Kang Daniel is a singer and an artist who really loves music. When everyone was expecting the stage performance and splendid dance from him, Kang Daniel always responded back with music. And every song he introduced was with a ‘person’ that is ‘Kang Daniel.’ His heart was there.

Kang Daniel’s fans would have already shared music with him and felt his heart. Now, I’d like to introduce his music to the people who have considered him as just an ‘idol’ or a ‘star.’ As he couldn’t meet everyone in the world and directly communicate with them, Kang Daniel showed himself through the music he loves. And it seems that he would have a lot left to tell through music.

You can meet the 7 solo tracks that Kang Daniel gifted and the songs on the recommended list from the online websites and services mentioned above. Let’s meet once again the music and honest stories of Kang Daniel, the artist who wants to make good music. The trendy music that dominated the pop chart, as well as great music reminiscent of old movies and artisans, will delight the ears of even those who are not familiar with Kang Daniel’s music.


Kang Daniel’s recommended song list that can be found on online music services ‘VIVE’ and ‘MelOn’



# I hope you smile


When you look deep inside good music, you can feel the heart of its creator. The more you look into it, the more affectionate you become. The music that Kang Daniel himself created and sent indirectly has made many people happy. The same music was shared and the same moment was spent. In that moment and memory are precious hearts.

As the opportunity to meet the new story that Kang Daniel would tell is unpromised, I wish this could be an opportunity to re-examine the heart that’s in Kang Daniel’s music. I hope that the public would not distort his honest lyrics and music and listen to it without diminishing it.

We believe Kang Daniel will come back in full health. Just like Kang Daniel’s lyrics wanting the fans to smile, we hope Kang Daniel the singer can smile as well. And we hope that he can once again let us hear his music that makes both the singer and the listeners smile.



* English translation : Joheun Lee
* This article(Opinion) was written based on the submission from ‘니엘아,' a member of the 1st Who:C (Whosfan Creator), and it does not represent the views or opinions of Hanteo News’.
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1The title of the video is: ‘[미방분] 다녤의 음.소.거 같이 볼 다니티 괌니다~♥’

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